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Aerobics vs Weight Training

aerobics vs weight training

Should one do both during the same training session? There is a simple answer yes and no.

Should someone do aerobics on the same day as their weight routine? Some trainers recommend it, but people often say they feel too tired to put much effort into it or even finish. If they combine these two types of exercise, people often wonder if they are somehow sabotaging one for the other.


If your goal is to lose bodyfat then you will have a cardio component to nearly every workout. When you get close to your bodyfat or weight goal, then the program shifts a bit. Often you will see cardio workouts scheduled on days other than those set aside for weight training and your weight training routine will be a little more involved. The total amount of time spent is very important when talking about your cardio workout. It is important to get every minute in even if you are doing a weight routine during the same period.


Ideally you should not do aerobics and weight training in the same workout period. I recommend scheduling your cardio workouts in the morning and your weight lifting routines in the evening or vice versa. When you only have a limited amount of time and want to get both parts of your workout into the same session, try a 5 minute cardio warm-up, then hit the weights, right away, after stretching a bit. After your lifting routine you can finish off your cardio program. Too many people do all their cardio at the beginning and have no energy left for weight training. This can cause you to relax a bit on your control and technique and could cause you to injure yourself. It is best to be cautious. Do the majority of your aerobics after your weight routine.

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