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Weight Training Articles

Free information about strength training and muscle building. Learn the best weight training techniques to maximize your workout results. We will post new articles on a weekly basis.

Aerobics vs Weight Training Should one do both during the same training session?

Progressive Overload and Muscle Growth The principle of Progressive Overload is important for all of us.

Strength Training for Sex Do want a better, more athletic sex life?

Strength Training Guidelines To achieve positive results, you have to train correctly.

Strength Training Progression What you must make sure of, is that you are making progress most of the time.

Top 5 Weight Training Exercises Is your goal to build size or strength quickly and solidly?

Workout Partners Do I need a workout partner?

Muscle building shock techniques - How to shock your muscles into growing.

Weight lifting progression - How to make progress in weight training.

Muscle confusion training principle - How to use muscle confusion for growth.

Supersets training system - Supersets for gaining muscle mass.

Pyramid training method - Pyramid training muscle and strength.

Heavy light weight training - High reps and low reps in same workout.

High intensity training for muscle growth - Why high intensity training is the best way to build muscle.

Volume training workouts - Low rep high set volume training.

Slow motion weight training - Are slow reps better for building muscle?

Static contraction training - How to do static contraction exercises.

Drop sets for mass - How to do triple drop sets to build muscle.

Rest pause sets - How to do rest pause training for hypertrophy.

Singles weight training - Single rep training for strength and muscle gains.

Breathing squat program - How to do the 20 rep squat for massive gains.

3 day workout for mass - 3 days a week are the best workout for natural lifters.

Muscle building science - Learn the science of building muscle and strength.

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