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Strength Training for Sex

strength training for sex

Do want a better, more athletic sex life? What does it take to have really sporty sex?

The Kama Sutra contains descriptions not only of hundreds of sexual positions but the situations in which those positions may or may not take place. To exercise for sex is in fact to exercise for the situation where sex will occur.

Before You Begin

Be properly hydrated. If you are not drinking enough straight water then you are not having optimum sex. Sex for both men and women is chemically about body fluids. Without enough water there are not enough of these essential fluids.

Eat plenty of greens. They prevent the occurrence of bad breath. Assume you will be going without any (substantial) food or drink for at least an hour. You don't have time to get a breath mint and wouldn't want to anyway. Eating enough dark, green leafy vegetables (like kale, fresh parsley or any herbs) in quantity will assure long lasting, fresh breath.

Guys don't smoke before or after! Before, smoking will interfere with the flow of blood to your extremity and that is exactly what you don't want. Afterwards, smoking will lengthen recovery time.

Ladies, don't drink. Learn to relax another way. Meditate, pray, sing a happy song, have a cup of mint tea, anything but drink alcohol. Processing alcohol uses up the body's water supply. In a word, alcohol is drying and you don't want that.

Go ahead and have a wee cup of tea or coffee before hand. A little freshly brewed Java will have almost the opposite effect of a cigarette. However to much coffee or tea will act as a diuretic, removing precious water from your system. Just remember to eat something green so your kisses don't taste like stale coffee.

The Calisthenics of Sex.

Push Up - Jokes about marines missing their girlfriends aside, this is probably the most useful exercise for men. Work up to doing push ups continuously for at least 5 minutes. A survey of female graphic artists showed a preference for a man who could hold himself in a partial push up position for a minimum of 8.2 minutes

Breathing exercises -
Practice breathing deeply in and out through your nose. Expand from the stomach i.e. use the diaphragm (internal muscle just below the ribs) to expand the lungs fully. Practice at least a few minutes each morning. This helps to remind your body to breath deeply and efficiently for the rest of the day. Thousands of Americans choke on hot dogs and sausages every year because they are not breathing through their nose. Don't let this happen to you.

Grip Strengthening
- There are two very effective ways to increase grip strength , spring devices available in any exercise store or the infinitely more fun, massage training. Alternate receiving from and giving your partner a massage every other day. Pay special attention to the large muscle groups of the legs and buttocks. These large muscles will provide more and better resistance to your hands. Time your massages, starting with 5 minutes. Add 5 minutes each week until you can do a 30 minute massage without getting tired. If your hands cramp up or get tired, stop for 30 seconds, wring and shake them out, then resume.

Leg strength, knee bends
- This is for every body. With your feet placed just farther apart than shoulder joint width, arms folded in front of you bend at the knees until almost in a sitting position then slowly return to standing. This is also a great pre-workout warm up. Make sure your weight routine has a day devoted to legs! Survey after survey shows that both sexes rate "strong or muscular legs" as very sexy.

Lower Abs
- For better forward thrust. Whatever ab routine you are currently doing include 30% exercises for the lower Abs, leg raises, hanging leg raises etc.

Lower Back
- These muscles are exactly opposed to the abs. Carefully incorporate lower back exercises and stretches into your program. Be especially careful with any suspended lower back exercise like the roman chair.

Wide Grip Pull ups
- Work up to at 4 sets of 12 in row. This will ensure you can properly support your weight (or the weight of a friend) in any suspended position.

Off to a Good Start

You are on the right track now keep going. Remember that practice makes perfect but routine means death (in bed). This is just like weight training. Find the positions and activities you are most comfortable with , but don't get stuck in a rut. Change your situations, positions and activities every so often so that nothing becomes a dull habit. This is especially important when going solo. To draw an analogy, if you always play badminton with a regulation racquet and shuttle cock at 7 p.m., indoors you will have a problem if you suddenly try to play a 5 am game on a grass court. This is especially true if you are wearing protective gear. Test that stuff out at home before you try to "lace up" on a strange playing field. You never see the pros tieing their shoelaces on the court but you know that they gear up somewhere!

Now go ahead, break a sweat, that is of course why you need to stay so well hydrated! If you are sweating that is a good sign, thermogenic exercise is perfect for fighting fat, keeping you lean and trim.

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